our-schoolLeading the Way for Little Learners is an early learning school, not a daycare.

We are a New York State licensed facility with programs designed to nurture your child’s individual growth and development. We understand the transition from toddler to school-age is an exciting, challenging and daunting adventure — for both child and parent. Our dynamic curriculum is thoughtfully developed to help your child naturally progress through his or her educational journey, preparing them to meet the rigor and standards of any educational route — public, private, montessori or other.

Classroom activities bring children of every level together for exciting and safe learning adventures. Exploring side-by-side, students gain a better understanding of stimulating and diverse topics from both personal and group observations. This approach affords your child developmentally appropriate, individual learning in a group setting that promotes healthy, social development.

Located in a safe, residential neighborhood, Leading the Way for Little Learners provides a welcoming and nurturing environment that will assist your child in making the transition from home to school. With dynamic classroom and play spaces, our school is the perfect place to foster a strong foundation for a lifetime love of active learning.

Picture this: A place to love learning.