Frequently Asked Questions

What is the activity fee?
The yearly $100 activity fee includes field trip admissions, holiday parties, and guest presentations (music instruction, for example).  It equals out to be $10 per month. You will not be required to bring in treats or give money throughout the year for parties/field trips.  This fee is due the first week of school.

What is the Ciccotti Center fee?
This fee is $180 per semester, for a total of $360.  This equals out to be $36 month. This fee covers your child’s swimming and phys ed instruction for 4 hours weekly, beginning in September.  This program will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-12:30. There are no refunds if school or the center is closed, nor can the program be pro-rated at this point in time.

What is the school supply fee?
The school supply fee of $35 covers classroom consumables (glue, scissors, construction paper, etc.) throughout the year.  Have you ever seen how much glue a two, three or four year old uses to make things stick? We do not ask you for any consumable products throughout the year or to replenish the stock, so to speak.

My child is only part-time.  Can he/she participate in field trips or the Ciccotti Center, even if it’s not their scheduled day or time?
Absolutely!  One is never excluded from any of our special programs/days.  However, you are responsible for coordinating transportation to/from the center or field trip.

Can my child attend the holiday party if it doesn’t fall on his/her scheduled day?
You bet!  We want to include everyone.

Do you celebrate birthdays?
Of course!  Birthdays are very special.  Your child will receive a birthday crown or sticker, and be a celebrity that day.  If you would like to bring in birthday treats for the class, feel free. Our one request is that if you are planning a birthday party in which you would like to have a few class friends, please include everyone in the class, so we don’t exclude anyone and have hurt feelings. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.

Are there ways that parents or family members can help in the classroom?
Yes please!  We love to have helpers, especially room parents, center helpers, and guest readers!  Ask us how you or your family members can be a part of our classroom.

What happens if school is closed, or my child is sick.  Are there refunds?
There are no refunds given for school closures or sick children.

What kinds of payment do you take?
We take cash, check, debit/credit cards and Venmo.

My child got a little sick this morning.  I think it was just something he ate. He’s acting fine.  Is it ok to bring him to school?
NO!  Sick children, even if not “acting sick” may not come to school.  Students must be fever free (less than 99), vomit free, diarrhea free for 24 hours without meds. (Trust us, they will tell us if they had medicine.)  If your child has a severe cold, he/she should stay home and rest. We encourage sharing, but germs we do not want to share.