activitiesEver wonder how polar bears, whales and other warm-blooded mammals survive in Arctic temperatures?

Our little learners do! To make science tangible, curious hands are submerged in a bucket of blubber (shortening!) and then are dipped into a bowl of icy water. The result? Hands are surprisingly warm!

What are the benefits? Our littlest learners have an awesome sensory experience, learn how to make an educated guess, are exposed to theories of our older students, experience visual stimulation, benefit from group inclusion and gain learning enrichment (“Blubber is the fat that makes polar pears warm!”) Simultaneously, our pre-K students learn the steps of the scientific method: from question and hypothesis to experimentation, analytics and conclusion!

Sure, it can get a little messy, but that’s half the fun. At Leading the Way for Little Learners, we say, ‘let the active learning begin!’